Comfort Sport Women

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Take away the frustration of choosing the right pair of walking shoes for exercise, work, or home. Walk comfortable on our everyday walking shoes. It's affordable, painless, and comfortable - an essential pair of walking shoes to have in your shoe collection. 

For every step you take, our air-cushioned soles come with airtight bubble balls that absorb pressure like a sponge. Your feet will feel incredibly comfortable, light, and relaxed. It’s like you’re walking on bouncy clouds and forget about the feet pain.

Made of seamless soft mesh design with a good stretch that allows your feet to feel comfy and airy. Spacious wide toe box to allow your feet to stretch and relax. It's perfect for everyone's feet as it stretches along with them without any unnecessary rubbing. 

Air Cushion Sole

The soft heel bubble absorbs shock while providing a stable walking surface on any terrain.

Knit-Weave Upper

Soft, breathable and adaptable. Our upper material is made to be forgiving while adapting to your feet.

Never-Slip Grip

Moulded rubber outsole with extra grip texture give you a firm hold without compromising softness.


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